A Call to a Higher Purpose

In November 2020, you elected Jeff Greeson to represent you in Concord.

You wanted tax cuts, cuts in government spending, and education freedom.

You got it all!

The Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a budget that cut the state portion of property taxes (totaling $100 million), reduced the meals and rooms tax, reduced business taxes, and began the elimination of the interest and dividends tax.

This same budget also reduced spending at the state level by 3%.

We also passed, and the Governor signed into law, education freedom accounts that enable parents more choices for their children’s education.  To date, over 1600 families have taken advantage of this awesome opportunity.

This year, much attention is being placed on protecting our liberty.  Here are some key items to watch:

Vaccine Mandates

I am working very hard along with numerous fellow liberty-minded Republican colleagues to prevent vaccine mandates.   No one should be forced to choose between making a living and having an experimental drug injected into their body.

Parental Rights

I am proud to be working with Rep. Paul Terry to sponsor a bill establishing a Parents Bill of Rights.  This Bill of Rights declares that, unless the State has a compelling interest that must supersede the interest of parents, parents have a right to make all decisions regarding their children’s healthcare and education.

Election Integrity

I am co-sponsoring a bill to require the use of paper ballots in all elections in New Hampshire.

Re-elect Jeff Greeson to protect your liberty from Democrats who are, once again, attempting to restrict your right to keep and bear arms and protect yourself; attempting to make elections in New Hampshire even more vulnerable to corruption; attempting to undo the fetal life protections that were just enacted; and attempting to force vaccine mandates on everyone for everything.”