A Call to a Higher Purpose

In November 2020, you elected Jeff Greeson to represent you in Concord.

You wanted tax cuts, cuts in government spending, education freedom, and election integrity.

You got it all!

  • A budget that cut the state portion of property taxes (totaling $100 million), reduced the meals and rooms tax, reduced business taxes, and began the elimination of the interest and dividends tax.

This same budget also reduced spending at the state level by 3%.

  • Education freedom accounts that enable parents more choices for their children’s education while simultaneously increasing state aid nearly $100 million over the biennium to the education funding formula, providing $82 million for school building aid, providing over $67 million over the biennium to fully-fund special education aid for higher cost students, and providing $18 million over the biennium for career and technical education. And much more for education!
  • The Meals and Rooms Municipal Revenue Fund that keeps more money generated through the meals and room tax in the municipality from which it came.
  • Important infrastructure funding, including bridge and road maintenance and waste water projects.
  • HB-1495 which slammed the door on vaccine passports.
  • A ban on any electronic voting machine from having access to or being connected to the internet thus strengthening the integrity of New Hampshire’s elections.
  • Protection of New Hampshire’s elections from Washington overreach by prohibiting the implementation of measures from the “For the People Act” in State, county, and local elections.
  • A mandate that photographs be taken of voters who register using the affidavit form, deterring voter fraud and double voting.
  • A mandate that towns conduct thorough procedures for verifying voter checklists, ensuring more security in our elections.
  • Protection of electricity ratepayers by restoring legislative authority over de facto electricity taxes while also preserving an important energy efficiency program.

A lot has changed in the last two years: gasoline prices are at record highs and going up, food prices have gone up and many foods have become scarce, and there is nothing we can do about any of this in Concord.

However, what we can do is:

Prevent an Income Tax

Democrats attempt to pass this every year.  I will oppose it!

Continue to Reduce Government Spending

At both the state level and the county.  Despite being in the minority in Grafton County, Republicans found ways to hold county taxes level instead of increasing each year by finding areas where spending could be cut and alternative funding sources.

Continue to Reduce Onerous Regulations

That make operating a business, obtaining professional licensure, or even getting a job more difficult.

We can do this by electing Jeff Greeson to the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Grafton District 6.


Other things we can do to keep New Hampshire the great state that it is to live, work, and play:

  • We can preserve education freedom – Democrats have already attempted to repeal the EFA program!
  • We can preserve our right to defend and protect ourselves – Democrats regularly attempt to infringe on this right, and in light of recent events, they will try it again.
  • We can promote and protect Parents Rights.